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Designer Agreement

By uploading your image/s you are acknowledging that you are in agreement with our Terms of Service and Artist Agreement (below).

  1. You (designer) confirm any uploaded image has not been licensed to any other parties.

  2. You have obtained any and all rights needed to make the image available for purchase.

  3. You confirm the image does not infringe or violate the rights of any person or entity, and you shall indemnify and hold Cover Design Agency harmless from any loss, damages, or expenses arising from or related to any claims to the contrary.

  4. You confirm that all the information provided in the sign-up form, including your PayPal information is accurate and under no circumstances should you hold Cover Design Agency responsible for any errors in this form which may lead to you not receiving a payment.

  5. After an exclusive design is purchased, exclusive rights belong to the party that purchases the design and the image will no longer be available for purchase on Cover Design Agency, directly through you, or through any other third party service.

  6. Should an exclusive design be purchased you grant the customer the unrestricted right to use and exploit the image for any intended purpose, in any media or in any worldwide territory.

  7. You should discontinue marketing and/or reposting an exclusive design that has been purchased, unless otherwise agreed upon with the customer. This is not to say you should be expected to take down previous posts, but rather, you should not be reposting, relicensing or marketing any purchased images.

  8. Uploading duplicate images is prohibited.

  9. Cover Design Agency reserves the right to change our commission structure at any time providing we give written notice.

  10. Cover Design Agency reserves the right to promote your profile and/or designs.

  11. Cover Design Agency reserves the right to remove any image at any time without notice should you violate our terms.

  12. No images associated with hate speech, bullying, child pornography or violence shall be uploaded.

  13. To allow us (Cover Design Agency) to contact you via email or the website chat to give updates on your status as a designer, the status of any uploaded designs, to discuss relevant sales relating to your uploaded product/s and to provide monthly sales statements in relation to your products.​​

  14. To regularly check your emails to ensure you are keeping track of incoming orders for your designs.

  15. To complete pre-made designs within 48 hours and ideally within 24 hours. If you are unable to complete the design within that time then please let us know as soon as possible so we can explain the situation to the client. If you don't complete the design within 48 hours and you haven't explained why you may be late in providing the finished design then you will lose 5% commission for every day that it is late.

  16. Inform us of any period of time in which you would be unable to complete orders for Cover Design Agency. This is so we can make alterations on our site to ensure orders don't take a significant amount of time to complete so we can maintain good relations with our customers.

  17. Allow us to display your username, profile picture and featured image provided during the onboarding process. Please note that your username cannot be changed once signed up but you may contact us at at any time to update your profile picture or featured image.

  18. Should you have any questions about the Cover Design Agency “Designer Agreement”, selling on the platform, exclusive licensing, or anything else, please reach out to

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