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How To Design Album Artwork: Ultimate Guide

7 Minute Read

From the prismatic nature of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to the highly recognisable Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. The longstanding synergy between music and art is something that we can all relate to.

Left: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon. Right: Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Having a well-designed album cover gives you the opportunity to catch the attention of listeners and gives them a deeper insight into the music it portrays. A great album cover can be the difference between a customer flicking past the vinyl at your local record store or picking it up with intrigue, scrolling past the music on a Spotify playlist or clicking through to discover the artist.

Whether you’re a musician wanting to create an album cover for your next release or a designer looking to expand your knowledge and learn how key design principles can help you design the perfect album cover for your clients. This guide will serve as a blueprint to help focus your design skills on creating album art.