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Album art showing a person in neon green on a grungy black background

Exclusive Album Art by TIGHE-MEARNS-SMITH. 

Secure this one-of-a-kind piece of album art by designer TIGHE-MEARNS-SMITH. Customise with your Artist Name and Album/Song Title and have it delivered within 24 hours*.


What is an "Exclusive" design?

At Cover Design Agency, Exclusive Album Art is a design type that can only be sold once. Every exclusive design has a text placeholder for your Artist Name and Album / Song Title. All of our exclusive designs are created by our talented designers with you, the musician, in mind.


Use Cases

This design is suitable for use on all streaming platforms.


    • 3000px X 3000px
    • 300dpi
    • JPEG / PNG

Need a custom album design?

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